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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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those of you who the council members receive this via e-mail you have it in your packets and the members of the public will have this on the with -- website next week and the manual shows the grab bars and how to install them and how to make them usable. that concludes my directors report and thank you very much for your attention. >> thank you very much, carla. >> okay. next up is item no. 6. information team city careshare. city careshare will provide an overview of it's access program and how the services explain mobility. for those who have use of mobility devices. thank
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you very much. >> thank you, can you hear me? yeah. pull it up. there you go. >> all right. thank you forgiving us this opportunity to speak and i want to thank joanna for all the help in helping us get here as well. my name is rick hutchinson. a local bay area non-profit. i have a few slides and hopefully a video. what do i need to do? >> it works out. your powerpoint presentation is minimized on the bottom. you just ask for the camera to -- there you go. and your video is up, right? are you going to start the video first? >> no. i'm going to do an overview first. >> great. great. i'm going to start with that and if we can get those
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slides up there. okay. great. city careshare -- carshare. >> thank you. i'm not usually that technologically impaired here. so there we go. city carshare, we have been around since 2001. we are as i said a local
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non-profit. we provide over 400 vehicles at 200 locations throughout the bay area to allow people to carshare. we have the greenest fleet available and that's very important to car sharing because car sharing is defining to benefit local communities. with the car sharing you effectively become a member, you get access to any vehicle and you may use it whenever you like. city carshare provides many benefits. some of the key ones are that car sharing can save lots of money over the car ownership, we provide many programs for the community. the one i want to talk about today is the access mobile program. access mobile program provides wheelchair accessible fans to the carshare constituency. we have two here in san francisco. as you can see on the slides
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that we have both side and rear access vehicles. the ones in san francisco are available at glen park bart. we have this wrong. at glen park bart and the city mission garage. anybody can join. if you don't have a drivers license but you can put 5 people on your account, you can have family members to assist you. you can go anywhere you want. you can have a van from 15 minutes to 3 days. service animals are permitted. any member who join city carshare can add their own hand controls. if you need that installed, we can help with that as well. there is a lot of people i would like to recognize. i want to remember donna spring at the city of berkeley who helped us put this
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together in 2008 and one of the advance is named in her honor. you can support us by sharing the vehicles. we want to add more. that cost money and we are non-profit so any help, any usage is incredibly useful and helpful to our community. also captioner would you caption the video once of starts, please. ready? >> yeah. we are ready.
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>> i was able to help out my brother. with a van we schedule ahead of time and don't have to worry about other systems. >> the main system i like about the access mobile program is the way it levels the playing field for my brother to be one of everyone else. it gave us a sense of, wow, we can go to a movie theatre in another city just to go to a movie. >> it made me feel like we can hang out together and do casual things. >> if you need to give directions or something important comes up to communicate, they can do that.
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it makes it for a more friendly nicer ride. >> when you are in a power chair, you can't just pop in your friends car and get a ride with them where they are going. your vehicle, your transportation won't fit in anybody else's car. i was happy that this was part of the fleet. this was a reason i joined. >> he doesn't have to worry anymore about leaving an event early to catch the last bart train home. as a member of city carshare he has access to a van, access mobile that can accommodate his wheelchair. >> [inaudible] >> it was like in redwood city.
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how many forms of transportation? you took bart to cal trains and then walked two miles. i have been a member of carshare for a while and then you introduce the access program. it was great. that was fabulous. >> [inaudible] >> i love those testimonials.
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i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. >> thank you very much. we are going to open it up to the council first and then to the public. am i right? okay. i'm getting it. okay. we are going to hold it up. we have mr. wong. >> yes. thank you for the presentation. in the future i would like to find more information about how to obtain and use the vehicle accessible van and one thing, sorry my notes are not -- like for the
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securement, does the company provide the 4 point for the wheelchair? >> each van has securing devices. they are standardized now across the advance when we first brought them out. the side ones had slightly different securing devices than the back loading ones but now they are the same so anybody using either one they would find it convenient. >> how much is the membership fee? >> we have different programs but in general most people join a program that is $10 a month for membership fee and to use the vehicle starts at $8.25 an hour and we have a low income program that cuts that price in half. >> okay. maybe can i get your business card? >> i also have some materials i
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can leave here. >> okay. thank you. >> mr. hutchinson could you perhaps repeat slowly your website address so the caption can get it. city and we have substantial information on the website, but we also can be reached via e-mail or telephone and we are more than happy to have someone sit down and talk with anybody who wants to find out about the program. >> thank you. i want to asked a question. for people who are heavier size? >> all four advance will hold up to 2 wheelchairs and 3-4 other riders in the van. someone who is larger would
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find it inany other, it's basically the seats would accommodate them. >> i had tears in my eyes because about a year ago i had a friend and she was in a wheelchair and there was no way i can take her in my car. now i'm calling her on the phone and tell here, carshare. thank you so much. excuse me. miss harriet wong. >> hi, thank you for coming. are we to assume the driver of the accessible van is a family member or a friend? >> it can be a family member or a friend. the system is set up so that if you want to add up to 5 family members, friends,
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they will always be free of charge from an access card or we have a fob that we usually give so anyone of them can drive the vehicle, however the main account holder would be you or the person who signs up for the access mobile program. >> can you define what the fob is? >> excuse me, harriet, were you finished? >> go ahead. >> it goes basically on a key chain. it's very small. it's a little electronic device and it knows who you are. so when you make a reservation, you this at the vehicle and the vehicle says, hey, welcome, we know you are supposed to be able to take the vehicle and you can get in and drive away. it's that simple. >> excuse me, i'm sorry. >> with the van, is there a
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passenger seat next to the wheelchair area? >> there is. we talked with a lot of people over a couple of years and we did do a pilot with the city of berkeley and the feedback we received is that most people in a wheelchair want to feel they are upfront and they can be near the driver and so it's somewhat, it can be, it's a bit flexible but basically wheelchairs can be up or behind or next to each other and we can take out the seats to accommodate a different configuration. >> my daughter, one of my daughters has been a member of the city carshare and it's worked out very well in the past just for the regular automobiles. i'm kind of interested in also your non-profit. do you have annual
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fundraiser you do? >> most of our fund raising is grants. the grants we do for the access mobile program came from the city of berkeley and most recently through bart the help of the air quality management district as well. >> thank you. >> wonderful, thank you. >> can i ask a question? >> yeah. >> so does the wheelchair user can they both drive and ride as a passenger or passenger only? >> currently passenger only. the mechanism to move the seat does exist, however since these vehicles are shared by everybody, we would need to have advanced notice in order to do that. >> my other question is does
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the vehicle come with a blue placard license plate to park anywhere? >> we tried. the member would have to bring their own placard. >> thank you. excuse me. i'm sorry for cutting you off. >> no, actually i just wanted for the members of the public to understand where fob is. thank you very much. >> is there anymore questions from the council? sorry. >> thank you, mr. hutchinson for being here today and for your presentation. this is exciting. it gives a whole in you theme to mobility for individuals that have physical i impairments. my question is
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what kind of outreach v you done to the physical -- >> we work with independent living group. the church in berkeley has been in incredibly helpful to us and not introduced us to people he felt we should be talking to but he's been an advocate for us as well. >> thank you. >> is there anymore members? do we open it up for public comment? we are open for public comment. please step up to the mic. >> should i leave materials here? >> yes. then we may have a question from the public.
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>> public comment? step to the mic. >> ask the city what you want it to be. we give you good disability. we need a car share that can drive away and you can do it today. city you can drive a car. we are going to have driving access for all. city, we thank you. carshare for all the city hall. yes, we are going to be making it have it all. city. thanks for being there. you will be there to carshare. and build our driving dreams around you. i'm so glad that i found you. you will be there with the city drive
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that's strong along the road that's long. city, let me feel your driving car with joy and laughter and we are going to be driving there everywhere after where there is driving carshare love will thank you. >> thank you. is there anymore public comment? please step. >> i have more questions. my comment is hats off to you. it's great what you are doing. i was not aware of this at all. just a few questions and if you forget what some of them are, if you will allow me you can ask me again. you said in san francisco the advance -- vans
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are available at the park garage. they have to be returned to one of those two places? >> that's correct. >> the classical car sharing you reserve a car from one spot and to ensure you have parking, you return it to that location. >> okay. do you happen to know the interior height of the vehicles? i know that's technical? >> i don't know it offhand but the interior height but i will tell you these are dodge caravans. although the floor was lowered to accommodate the, in fact both models. this is a standard car that's been converted. >> who is the conversion company? >> i don't know that at this point. >> it was brond mobility. >> typically how far in advance do you have to reserve one of these vehicles?
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>> anybody can receive the vehicle up to 3 months in advance or literally standing in front of it. the volume on the first van we had in berkeley became so great that we gave access members exclusive initial periods to be able to receive it before anybody else could. we have not had enough data for the demand on the vehicles we put here in san francisco yet to determine whether we'll need to introduce that as well. >> so let's say, we have a vehicle like that, my wife and i. let's say it breaks down, and we wanted to receive reserve one of your vehicles for the next day is it likely? >> the standard that we see is that about 2 months before they
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need a car, we have a blip of people reserving those vehicles, then 24 hours in advance we have the most demand. the next most demand comes within 10 minutes of wanting a vehicle. if we keep those in mind and i have no reason to think it won't apply to the access mobiles as well, that's the timeframe you want to look at. >> one more question. rear entry versus the side. in general the companies sell with the side entry than with the rear, what is your experience with people's preference. >> we still believe this is a pilot program to understand what people want. we had the rear. access was from behind.
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when we got funding we ordered two side doors as well. >> is there anymore public comment? questions. seeing there is no more public comment or questions, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> could you please repeat your information so it can get captured again. your e-mail. >> our website address is www. city you can also reach us via mobile apps if you have an android or iphone app. it's very simple and you can
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download that or you can come by our office at 1182 market street on the 3rd floor. am i missing a contact? phone number? great. >> the phone number i'm going to give you now may change in 2 months because we are moving our system, but right now it's 4155 995-9588. >> thank you, again. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> yes. thank you. moving on to item no. 7 which is informational team for support for families of children with disabilities and introduction of the various services that they provide and i'm a witness,
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yes. wonderful services. >> good afternoon. thank you for having us. couple of seconds to introduce the families and services we provide. let's go ahead and begin. >> thank you and i will give you a quick introduction of myself. my name is felix lopez, an education coordinator and resources services for families and i have never really accessed too many services because i thought i could do everything on my own and i'm married and i have children with speech delays and we have a bunch of questions and sound support for families and about
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there for about a year 1/2. i will let them introduce themselves. >> feel -- felix is a the model for our place. they have tried to navigate those systems to provide the same amount of empathy. my daughter did have stuttering but with therapy it resolved itself. the mission of
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support with families is we work to ensure that families and children with any kind of disability or special health care need have the knowledge and assistance they need to make informed choices that support their child's health, education and development.
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and our inform line where you can send requests to 40 for per we're going to talk about our for the purpose line service. >> our phone line service is the want 209-2050 for. it's a number where parents and professionals can call in arrest tuesday and thursday are our late nights we're picking up the
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the line late. we provided free child area also, they need to go to a community resource parents they have free childcare there also. and once again those are all the services reoffer are free not only to parents and the professionals but to committee members. our lines are all painters with disabilities and they not able to get the parent to parents support. at least they know their speaking with someone whose going through the support. >> please restate that
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information. >> w w dot support for our phone number is 51540. our phone number a 40 for support for families. just on a side note we're going to get the phone number. (415) 920-5040. >> if you look at up at that screen it will tell you what you're saying


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